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the standard business nondisclosure agreement

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The most recent version is 2.0.0. You can download it for free in Microsoft Word .docx, Adobe Acrobat .pdf, OpenDocument .odt, Rich Text .rtf and DocuSign template .zip formats, and learn about updates via RSS.

If you’re tired of waiting for lawyers to read NDAs, or signing terms blind when you know you shouldn't, review this form once, join the roster of companies who offer and accept it, and spread the word. Help avoid and reduce pointless variations of the same old two-way NDA.

How You Can Help

The Waypoint NDA team is seeking feedback from lawyers in non-US common-law jurisdictions about whether and how Waypoint could work under their governing law.

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If you’re a lawyer from a non-US common-law jurisdiction, or a client with access to advice from one, download the latest version and e-mail feedback to kyle@waypointnda.com.


Appearing here isn’t any kind of legal offer or guarantee, but the companies listed here asked to be listed here.

List Your Company

To add your company to the list, e-mail companies@waypointnda.com from a company e-mail account with a message like:

My company, your company’s name, uses version 2.0.0 of The Waypoint NDA with potential customers or with prospective vendors or when talking with possible business partners or describe how.

Our website is at example.com.

I have the authority or permission from someone with authority to have you list the company on waypointnda.com.

We will use basic caution to verify that you are who you say you are, and give you a link you can use to point to your listing on this page.

We will only use the information you provide to make your listing here. We may also use your e-mail address to contact you about your listing.

In the future, we may charge to list a company here.

Questions and Answers

What’s so special about these NDA terms?


The Waypoint NDA differs from other NDAs only in how it protects everyone from having to read it over and over again. Every copy of The Waypoint NDA comes with a certificate from the side proposing it, guaranteeing that the terms are exactly the same as those published on this site. The license for the terms requires those who make changes to drop the name “The Waypoint NDA” from their changed versions.

What kind of NDA is this?

These terms are typical of the kinds of terms companies sign before discussing sales, partnerships, and other relatively routine business transactions.

These terms are not typical of terms companies sign with other companies before mergers-and-acquisitions due diligence or other infrequent, specialized deals.

Will these terms improve over time?

Yes. New versions will appear on this site.

However, once a version appears on this site, that version will always read exactly the same. Old versions will remain available.

If you would like an e-mail every time a new version comes out, e-mail kyle@waypointnda.com and ask to be added to the mailing list, or subscribe via RSS.

Did lawyers write and review this?

Yes. But they are not your lawyers, or responsible to you for legal advice.

You should have your lawyer review and approve the most recent version. They can tell you whether and when The Waypoint NDA is right for your company.

If your lawyer has comments, feel free to have them e-mail comments@waypointnda.com. They can also make comments and suggestions to the current version via Google Doc. We can and will incorporate feedback.

Does this NDA work outside the USA?

These terms were written with USA-based parties in mind, and require the party proposing the NDA to pick a state of the United States for governing law.

We’d love to receive comments on whether and how to make it work with other jurisdictions, at comments@waypointnda.com.

Is this based on the Canting Tribe NDA?

The Canting Tribe NDA was renamed The Waypoint NDA in April of 2019. “Canting Tribe” was a lot more fun, but NDAs aren’t fun, and some but not all users thought a more neutral name would help the NDA spread.


Each contributor to the Waypoint NDA grants everyone permission to do everything with The Waypoint NDA that would otherwise infringe their copyright in it, under these rules:

As far as the law allows, The Waypoint NDA comes as is, without any warranty at all.

No one involved in writing, reviewing, or improving The Waypoint NDA will be liable to you for any damages related to this license or use of The Waypoint NDA, for any kind of legal claim.

If you make changes to The Waypoint NDA, other than filling in blanks, remove all mention of “The Waypoint NDA” and waypointnda.com as well.